"Game Changing" Technology Enables QR Code Integration with 3D Screen Printing

2022. február 16., szerda, 17:31

"Game Changing" Technology Enables QR Code Integration with 3D Screen Printing

New York, 02/16/2022 / 11:31, EST/EDT - EQS Newswire - Laxxon Medical

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2022 / A study in the Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research (BJSTR) reports that advances in 3D screen printing allow for mass customization and in-drug labeling of pharmaceuticals with unique identifying information, such as Quick Response (QR) codes, which have been shown to reduce medication errors, improve patient safety, and provide a viable mechanism for remote patient monitoring and identifying counterfeit drugs.

The study investigates the progress that has been made in using QR codes for drug labeling, with a specific focus on the potential for using 3D screen printing to expedite QR code integration at the single tablet level.


3D Screen Printed Tablet with integrated QR code

Laxxon Medical Corp. holds the exclusive worldwide license to explore this 3DSP technology for all pharmaceutical applications.

"Using this approach, the QR code is part of a one-stop manufacturing process of the tablet," said corresponding author Achim Schneeberger, PhD, CSO of Laxxon Medical. "3DSP could also be used to print API containing QR codes and/or inks which make the tablet easier to identify, harder to counterfeit and increases product safety."

About Laxxon Medical Corporation

Laxxon Medical holds exclusive worldwide rights to the patented use and application of 3D screen printing technology for the development, manufacture, and commercialization of pharmaceutical dosage forms.

With Laxxon Medical"s innovative SPID®-Technology (Screen Printing Innovational Drug Technology), it is possible for the first time to develop tailored-release oral, transdermal, and implantable dosage forms through geometric shaping and heterogeneous distribution of active ingredients within the printed units.


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